About Tojeira

To.jei.ra, a feminine name derived from the combination of tojo + eira.

Tojos are thorny shrubs prevalent in the Trás-os-Montes area, traditionally used in courts and for feeding cattle. They bloom yellow on the hills during spring and winter. And eira, from the Latin area, a piece of land or yard, typically used for drying vegetables or cereals.

The history of Quinta da Tojeira remains a mystery.

Some say that it was once an inn serving religious pilgrims and that it was mentioned as such in Camilo Castelo Branco's first novel(Anátema, 1851).

There are those who argue that the history goes back further and that there are records of the property dating back to before the foundation of the Condado Portucalense (Portucalense County) in 890.

The traces of Brazilian architecture go back to the story of a turner who made his fortune in Brazil and years later returned to the land, becoming an influential personality in the region.

It was during this period that the agricultural tradition developed the most, on terrain characterized by terraces, fed by an extensive network of water mines. We know today that at that time Tojeira supplied the surrounding villages with potatoes, corn, rye and other cereals.

From the 1970s onwards, Tojeira was dedicated to wine production, and the wine storage balloons are still preserved. After this period, the farm fell into abandonment and the agricultural fields were naturally replaced by a dense oak forest.

Quinta da Tojeira today

Since 2011, Tojeira has undergone a thorough restoration and conservation process.

Today it presents itself as a project inspired by permaculture, with a focus on creating a space that provides a true experience of country life in balance with nature

Tojeira Farmhouse


Mountain View

16 people

Professional kitchens

You have a fully equipped indoor and outdoor kitchen at your disposal. We also have packages with meals included that will allow you to fully relax and discover our gastronomy.


It's guaranteed for all ages with a variety of activities. You can enjoy the pool table or challenge yourselves to a game of ping pong. What's more, the family games, the animals on the farm, or the many outdoor options will mark your stay.

Swimming Pool & SPA

At Tojeira, well-being is a priority where we seek serenity and relaxation. The sauna, jacuzzi and indoor pool make up our spa, which is powered by renewable energies. As well as being used by our guests, we use this space for retreats dedicated to personal development.

Personalised Service

Whether you're organising a special event, a family holiday or a retreat, we have a specialised team to plan and execute it to suit your needs.